Daniel Mung is Battle Creek Tigers 2020-2021 Athlete of the Year

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — On Thursday, May 13, 2021 our Tigers Awards Ceremony was held in the Battle Creek Academy Chapel in the Woods. During this ceremony, Daniel Mung was selected as the boys varsity soccer ‘Player of the Year’. To decide our ‘Athlete of the Year’ each of the coaches selections for their ‘Player of the Year’ for boys basketball, girls basketball, boys soccer, girls soccer and girls volleyball were included on the ‘Athlete of the Year’ ballot. Every person in attendance at the Awards Ceremony was allowed to cast one vote. When all the votes were all counted by 9:00 PM, the winner was Daniel Mung! Mung received the most votes overall, coming in at about 33% of the total vote. Read more about our Battle Creek Tigers 2020-2021 Athlete of the Year Daniel Mung and his story below.

#7 Daniel Mung, Freshman

Daniel Mung has been playing soccer for as long as he can remember. Mung says, “Soccer is a way of life, you need to have a goal to be successful”. This year Mung did not have just one goal, but a program record fourteen goals, including five goals in one game. “When I score goals I feel happy, I feel like I can do anything” said Mung.

However, Mung’s success in his goals on the field are far from where it ends for this up and coming freshman Tigers striker. Daniel Mung is the Captain of the boys’ varsity soccer team and excels at rallying his teammates together on and off the field. Even when Mung is on the sidelines, he is the leading force of the Tigers team, cheering on his teammates. Due in large part to these leadership abilities, Mung was elected by his peers to serve as the male student athlete representative on the Battle Creek Athletics board.

Another area where Daniel Mung excels and leads his teammates in is great sportsmanship and dedication. During our game under the lights and in the rain against Class B Comstock High School, Mung dribbled past an opponent and made them fall with his dribbling moves. However, Mung then stopped and waited briefly until the other player got back up to keep playing. Mung wanted to make sure his opponent was okay before the game continued.

The great character and dedication that Daniel Mung shows on the soccer field is also apparent in the classroom. This year Mung was recognized for his outstanding academic achievements as a member of the Battle Creek Academy Honor Roll (GPA of 3.25-3.74). Mung is also the freshman class of 2024 president.

Looking ahead to the fall of 2021, Daniel Mung will lead his team against the highest level of competition the Tigers have ever faced. On August 31, 2021, the Tigers will face the Battle Creek Central Bearcats in the program’s first ever game against a Class A school. Mung says “in our future soccer seasons I would like to see more coaches, at least 20 players who are dedicated and motivated, and more fans”. Athletic ministry director Shadrach Grentz says, “I am highly confident in our soccer program moving forward with Daniel as our leader. He has grown tremendously over the 4 years I have known him and can compete at any level on the soccer field”.

On behalf of Battle Creek Athletics and the Tigers Athletic Ministry, congratulations Daniel Mung. We are very proud of you and look forward to your future years!

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